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CURB - Coalition Urging Responsible Biking


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A coalition of individuals and organizations who favor the full legalization and widespread use of slow-speed, electric-assisted, human-scale and human-powered vehicles.


Sponsoring Organizations:


The Chinese Staff and Workers Association

The National Mobilization Against Sweatshops

The Street Vendor Project/Urban Justice Center


There is an urgent need to provide safe, healthy, environmentally-sustainable, economical, and compact forms of transportation, especially within our congested urban spaces. Dramatic improvements in energy storage technology have made the use of small, human-powered and electric-assisted vehicles, for a great many tasks, much more practical, from moving light cargo to commuting. Primarily human-powered, pedal-activated devices, which must not exceed the current Federal limit of 20 Miles Per Hour, equipped with no more than a one-horsepower motor, can be an ideal mobility enhancement. They are also essential to older folks, the injured, those in hilly terrains etc., to simply get themselves around in a healthful way.


Current NYC law requires that we conform to the European standard, which requires that the rider must be pedaling in order to access the electric motor. This makes it truly electric-assisted and differentiates it from mopeds, which can be driven by the motor alone, and can go much faster, but must be registered and insured etc.


Replacing multi-ton vehicles with those more suited to this time and place is a welcome change.  Substituting 40 pounds of mobility for 4000 pounds of menace, is a very good trade-off. It is inevitable anyway, given our current circumstances and the challenges that we face. It should result in friendlier spaces and more diverse and colorful ones too. It is long overdue, and adjustments will need to be made. Cyclists will need to give pedestrians a little more breathing space and swear never to ride on sidewalks. The goal is surely a good one, living in a safer and healthier place. Please join us in helping to bringing about this result in New York.


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